Book Review: Me Before You



In Me Before You, Lou Clark stumbles upon a job opportunity working for Will Traynor as a caretaker. Will has an overall sour outlook on life, though he may have reason to be. He used to be an adventurer but two years ago, a motorcycle accident left him a quadriplegic. The book is about the reason life is worth living, and how much life is a gift.

My Thoughts:

This books is extremely deep as it pertains to what life is truly worth. Definitely have tissues at the ready when you come to the end. This book is a real tear-jerker. I suppose it might not be the right book for a lot of people, but I think it doesn’t hurt to read this book. You should definitely read Me Before You if you enjoy romance. This book was very well written, and the author truly understood how to pull on the heartstrings of the reader.


I award Me Before You 5/5 stars. It is emotional, shocking, and amazingly orchestrated.


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