This Raging Light Book Review


This Raging Light is about a girl named Lucille who is just trying to get through life with the relatively bad cards she’s been dealt with. Both of her parents abandoned her, and she’s basically left to raise her little sister. Obviously, that’s a lot to deal with for her, especially since she is only a senior in high school. Lucille isn’t completely alone in all of this, however. She has her best friend, twin brother (who she has a major crush on), and a few more angels to help.

I would definitely recommend this book. It has a similar feel to Jandy Nelson books, which are my favorite. Now that I think about it, however, the plot in This Raging Light is a bit lacking. I’m willing to overlook that for the great writing and characters. This book really puts your problems into perspective, and you really empathize with the main character. She is extremely brave and strong, no doubt a Gryffindor, so you really admire her. Anyways, you should read This Raging Light if you have the chance. It is absolutely going on my favorite book list; it might soon be on yours too.


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