Book Review: Geekerella



Geekerella is a Cinderella tale with the main character being Elle Wittimer. She lives with her evil stepmother and nasty stepsisters after the too soon deaths of her parents. When she gets word of a cosplay contest centered around her favorite fandom, Starfield, she decides that it’s her way out. Meanwhile, Darien Freeman, the actor playing the main character in the new Starfield movie, is dealing with the struggles of being famous.

My (Non-Spoiler) Thoughts:

  • This book seems like an ode to all of us fangirls and boys, and it is extremely relatable
  • I was surprised at how strictly it sticks to the classic Cinderella tale
  • There are some very likable and very annoying characters; the author is very good at eliciting those emotions
  • There is also some very vivid imagery in this book

My (Spoiler) Thoughts:

  • I love all the flirty texts; they are literally the cutest things ever
  • The reoccurring use of ah’blen and ah’blena had me swooning
  • I always liked Cal from the beginning, and I knew it was for a good reason
  • I was so happy that Elle has a home (ExcelsiCon) even if she was kept from it for years
  • Brian is literally the worst person ever; he is such a snake
  • I was so excited when Sage and Cal became a thing; they’re so cute together
  • I also love the reoccurring mention of Carmindor’s coat being the wrong blue; I love how both Elle and Darien thought the same thing from the beginning
  • Chloe is a terrible character… do I even need to explain??
  • I ❤ Frank the dog


I gave this book a 5/5 stars. I have no complaints besides maybe a few typos. That’s not a story fault, however, so I’ll let it slide 🙂

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